About Us

ONTO GLOBAL is an international health consultancy firm committed to providing a wide range of services in the Health and Developmental sector. We believe in the interdependence of Sustainable Development Agenda and Universal Health Coverage. Hence supporting Health-in-all policies and a whole-of-Government approach to development. Also we have a special interest in connections between sustainable development and primary health care. Quality of healthcare, patient safety, health promotion, health communication, use of innovative technology, and harnessing private sector potential for development. Our consultancy system helps address health and development inequities at all levels. Negotiating development and health diplomacy in humanitarian settings is our special forte. We create and implement solutions to help clients by resolving their challenges efficiently and effectively. Also we share our expertise, knowledge, experience, and advice to make policy and business decisions for human capital investments.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide solutions to improve the performance of the health and development sector by offering evidence- and value-based policy advice. Building individual and institutional capacity and Addressing the health needs of people in humanitarian settings. Also, supporting priority programs through strategic combinations of development law, governance, financing, workforce, technologies, and priority services.


Policy Development

•   Setting a Vision
•   Crafting Consensus
•   Shaping Evidence-Informed Policies

Designing strategy

•   Setting Direction to Reach the Vision
•   Guiding for Tactfulness
•   Shaping Smart, Goal-Oriented Strategies

Developing Systems

•   Putting the Wheels in Place
•   Setting them into Motion
•   Developing Systems in Local Context
•   Learning Systems


•   Managing to Succeed
•   Learning to Manage
•   Dynamic Management Options


•   Randomized and other scientific trials
•   Program evaluations


•   Re-investing the knowledge to refine policy and strategy
•   Involving communities into decision-making